beach buggy floor pan, set left and right

684.25  inkl. MwSt

Shortened floor pan for the beach buggy market. So now there is no need to cut and shut the full-size floor pans.

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Each floor pan is reduced by 14 1/4, 14 1/2, 15 and 15 1/2 inches. All you need to do is trim to the correct size.
The floor pans are made in the correct 18 gauge 1.2 mm steel.

We have included the brake pedal stop plate moulding in the right hand floor pan as well as the left hand floor pan.
We have notched the front outer area to give a easier fitment. So there is no more reshaping this area with hammer
We have Elongated holes for fixing older bodies.
We have removed the locating pips to give a tighter seal between the fibre glass body
We have added extra space to allow the fitment of aftermarket seats.
We have removed the battery tray height to give extra clearance if the buggy was ever taken off road
We have added a extra rear hole to give a extra body mounting point as this is always deleted when shorting the floor pans
All our floor pans come in a high-end marine epoxy primer. The benefit of this is all you need to do is touch up the areas which have been either ground off or burnt off whilst welding them in and key the rest of the floor pan with 240 grit sand paper. Then you are ready to apply your choice of final protective coating.